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Hitting the road to save the earth: Mainers take year-long trek across America creating climate docuseries

News Center Maine Featured Article and Broadcast

I do believe that we can change. It’s a big change that we’re going to have to make. It won’t be comfortable…The fact that we’re doing this journey is evidence that we believe that there’s hope. “

Dave Santillo

Author: Beth McEvoy (NEWS CENTER Maine)
Published: 7:30 PM EDT October 8, 2020
Updated: 7:38 PM EDT October 8, 2020

On Saturday, October 3, Santillo and three others left Maine on a year-long trek around the United States and their` mission is simple, save the planet. Simply but arduous. Their program is called TerraTrek, ‘on the road for a better earth.’

Their plan is to tour the country highlighting specific climate challenges in different locations through adventures and then releasing a mini-documentary about their findings.

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“There’s a lot of important issues in this country social justice and who gets to be on the Supreme Court but to us, all those things take a back seat if in a couple of years we’re all climate refugees.”

D. Santillo

“I think a lot of people my age younger people should be worried and I don’t think enough people are.”

A. Dubois

The group’s first documentary started close to home, in Casco Bay. They went kayaking with a professor and students from the University of New England and through the process discussed the challenges facing Maine waters, specifically acidification and rising water temperatures.

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