The TerraTrek Pledge

A Pledge for those who believe in the TerraTrek mission and who want to make a difference for the environment… and for the earth!

I recognize the value to the health and quality of life for me, my family, and all current and future earth inhabitants in having a healthy and sustainable environment. I acknowledge that my actions matter to the earth.

Accordingly, I pledge the following:

1. I pledge to become better informed on environmental issues.

2. I pledge to help the environment win…and to make a positive difference for the earth.

I will submit comments or attend hearings on development projects, write my congressman to express my opinion, ask as many questions as I need to understand, and I commit to generally being a pest for developers and those who seek to exploit the environment.

3. I pledge to reduce my personal ecological footprint.

I will drive less, use less energy, and commit to grow as much as possible of my own food.


4. I pledge to use my buying power for the good of the environment.

I realize that money talks and that my purchases directly affect the environment. I commit to purchase goods and food that are produced by companies that are carbon neutral, green-certified, organic and generally environmentally friendly.

5. I pledge to vote with the environment in mind. I pledge to help the environment win…and to make a positive difference for the earth.

I care about the environment, and I commit to learning about the environmental record of candidates who run for political office.


6. I pledge to make the natural world part of my life for my own sense of well-being.

I will spend time outdoors, seek to connect with nature, and I will allow myself to enjoy the benefits of happiness, health, and all around good times that will result from it.


  • Links to come!

7. I pledge to offset my carbon footprint by planting trees.

It’s pretty simple – planting as many trees as we can, as often as possible CAN save the earth from runaway greenhouse warming.


8. I pledge to not pollute the earth with the use of pesticides.

I have better things to spend my money on than pesticides and herbicides of any form. I have no desire to kill any part of the environment.


9.  I pledge to Leave No Trace

… or, even better, Leave It Better Than I Found It. What’s your passion? Hiking, biking, camping, ATVing, hunting, paddling? What else? Everyone one of these things can be done in ways that cause further degradation to the environment. BUT!!

Everyone of them also can be done in ways that DON’T cause further degradation to the environment.

And while we’re doing them, we can do small things to leave the places we love BETTER than we found them, so they’re even better the next time we…or our kids…want to carry on doing what we enjoy most.